Project Objectives: 

Beth Beloff and her team, Bridges to Sustainability at Golder Associates, co-developed with the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI), a consortium of approximately 40 major companies, a strategic sustainability metrics roadmap. The tool, called the GEMI Metrics Navigator™, assists companies in identifying triple bottom-line issues and metrics that are relevant and material to their business and to stakeholder concerns, and use them effectively to drive performance improvement and organizational change. The roadmap was developed through close consultation with the GEMI members. To maximize the value of the tool to a broad spectrum of businesses, the team organized a stakeholder engagement process to inform the project with the experiences and opinions from key thought leaders and pertinent non-governmental organizations. Three external advisory group meetings were held in the United States and Europe. The meetings brought together over 30 business, academic, community, and government representatives.


The tool includes worksheets for identifying material issues; developing key performance indicators, metrics and targets; implementing the metrics system; and evaluating its effectiveness. More than a dozen business case studies were developed to illustrate best practices in sustainability performance measurement and the various steps in the development and implementation of sustainability metrics.  

  "In working with GEMI on the Metrics Navigator™, I was impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise Beth provided, and the ease with which she could shift gears to converse at the practitioner or board room level as needed. She was masterful at facilitating the multi-sector business approach, listening to our diverse needs and incorporating them into a logical flow of process steps. Unlike many sustainability tools encumbered by jargon, the result was a final workbook with a highly pragmatic approach to metrics that can be easily understood by and applied across any business discipline." — Leslie Montgomery, Environmental Stewardship Program Manager, Southern Company, and Co-Chair GEMI Sustainability Metrics Work Group